NIEUW: Macario Retro Drinks

NIEUW IN HET ASSORTIMENT: 7 heerlijke Italiaanse retro drankjes!


1. KWALITEIT: Retro outside, modern inside: "Our beverages are produced with avant-garde procedures and equipment, in compliance with foodsafety standards."

2. STIJL: Always fashionable: "The seven pin-ups wink at a well identified collective imagination: a postcard from the past that will never fade."

3. EENVOUD: Traditional simplicity: "For Macario, being retrò means to reintroduce the excellence of evergreen tastes. Fresh and authentic, just as you would imagine them."

4. EXCLUSIVITEIT: A chic smile for all budgets: "The seven Macario retrò drinks add value to your offer by giving it an exclusive touch: the cherry on top for your customers."

5. DIVERSITEIT: Different ways of drinking: "The 275ml bottle allows flexibility of use: from the straight satisfying experience to mixing it in cocktails and long drinks."

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